DesignBox For Mac

Mac users can be a special bunch of people. But they also usually experience certain challenges when it comes to doing certain tasks. Take image editing for example. Mac users do not always require having the most advanced image editing software to do some simple tasks. Sometimes, image software such as DesignBox would usually suffice.

DesignBox by Aurora3D Software is a simple image editing app that comes with features that Mac users usually use for those editing tasks on images and photos. Its simplicity makes it able to provide tools to do certain tasks faster. DesignBox provides a means to resize and convert images in batches. It also provides tools to create image effects using the various popular styles used today. Painter tools allow users to create free drawn cartoon shapes and designs. DesignBox can even be used to create those entertaining gif animations using different sets of images and photos.

All in all, Mac users don’t usually have to rely on full-fledged image editing software to do wonders on pictures and photos. Sometimes a tool like Designbox can do the job just as well without the need for complex features. This app can be downloaded by Mac users for US$ 10 at the Mac App Store.

Image Source: Aurora3D Software
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