Amazing Alex iOS Game App

There are many people who love solving puzzles here and there. It is fun if it contains several challenges that really make the mind think. One of the recent iOS game apps that offer such enjoyment to the thinking player is Amazing Alex from Rovio. Amazing Alex is an interesting iOS game app that allows […]

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Dropbox Online File Storage Tool

When it comes to sharing files between people online, the usual practice is to attach it to emails. But then again, most emails may have a file size limit for attachments. Other than that, it can be quite frustrating having to look for the right email on a crowded inbox to find some of those […]

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eScan Anti-Virus Security For Mac

Mac computers have not been under a threat of malware and virus attacks for a long while. It probably has been one of the reasons why some people prefer to use Macs simply because they find them more secure and safe from such attacks. But lately, things have changed. As the popularity of the Mac […]

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CurrentWare AccessPatrol

Intellectual property has become a very important asset to protect for most businesses. Many corporations use the best tools and software programs available in the market so that their assets are well protected from the risks. But most small businesses can’t afford to spend that much in order to bet the best protection. In such […]

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Inflow Inventory Software

Small businesses owners can make use of many software tools that can help them manage and handle a number of business tasks more efficiently. There are many productivity software tools available that aim to help small businesses streamline many of their time-consuming business processes in order to save both time and money. One of such […]

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Perfectly Clear Android App

With more and more smartphones come equipped with their own cameras, more and more people prefer them as the most convenient means of taking pictures. They now start to replace digital cameras as the primary device for taking pictures as more and more smartphones become equipped with better and better cameras. There are even apps […]

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