Perfectly Clear Android App

With more and more smartphones come equipped with their own cameras, more and more people prefer them as the most convenient means of taking pictures. They now start to replace digital cameras as the primary device for taking pictures as more and more smartphones become equipped with better and better cameras. There are even apps like Perfectly Clear for the Android that will help transform those smartphone camera shots into better quality images worth sharing.

The Perfectly Clear Android app is a handy photo editing tool for Android phones. It allows users to simply edit images with simple swipes or taps on the smartphone touchscreen. The useful photo app comes with an automatic photo correction feature that makes it easy for smartphone photographers to correct the usual image issues encountered when taking pictures using the mobile phone. Aside from that, there are also 10 patented correction functions that will further help enhance those smartphone photos. The Perfectly Clear Android app is available at Google Play for an introductory price of $ 1 for a download. But expect that there might be in-app purchases in store.

Image Source: Google Play
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