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Mac computers have not been under a threat of malware and virus attacks for a long while. It probably has been one of the reasons why some people prefer to use Macs simply because they find them more secure and safe from such attacks. But lately, things have changed. As the popularity of the Mac and the other associated iOS devices grow, the threats that were once considered minimal has gradually increased. At present, the Mac has become under serious threat from more and more virus and malware attacks than ever. eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac was developed in order to address this steadily growing threat.

The eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac is an anti-virus and security software that addresses the need for Apple Macs as well as computers running on Mac OS X to be protected against the rising threats of online viruses and malware designed to wreck havoc on the Mac platform. This powerful software provides real-time protection against threats such as adware, malware, viruses, keyloggers, botnets, rootkits and others. It also provides real-time online protection so that the threats are prevented and blocked at the first instance they attack. It is effective in warning users about suspicious application behavior as well as protecting against Zero Day threats. The security software does its work effectively without taking up a lot of system resources. The eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac is the first defense that Mac users can use against the rising cyber-threat. It is available for download at eScan for US$ 30. There is also a trial version available on the site for those who want to try out its effectiveness.

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