Amazing Alex iOS Game App

There are many people who love solving puzzles here and there. It is fun if it contains several challenges that really make the mind think. One of the recent iOS game apps that offer such enjoyment to the thinking player is Amazing Alex from Rovio.

Amazing Alex is an interesting iOS game app that allows players to play very interesting puzzles composed of everyday things. The overall game utilizes physics and gravity to make the puzzles more realistic. Puzzles are made up of simple objectives such as finding a way to bring the ball into the basket, collecting all the stars, bursting all the balloons and other interesting aims. And since the laws of physics are at play this is something that every player should consider.

There are items such as benches, pipes, books and others that may be presented in order to accomplish the puzzle objectives. This makes it quite an interesting game to play. Not only that, Amazing Alex also allows players to come up with their own challenging puzzles aside from those that come with the game. The created puzzles can be shared with other players online as it can be uploaded on the Web. This gives the game many interesting and unique directions to take since it is possible that the choices for puzzles will only continue to grow and grow as more and more people create them over time. The Amazing Alex iOS game app is available at the App Store for a $ 1 download.
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