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Small businesses owners can make use of many software tools that can help them manage and handle a number of business tasks more efficiently. There are many productivity software tools available that aim to help small businesses streamline many of their time-consuming business processes in order to save both time and money. One of such tools is the Inflow Inventory from Archon Systems.

Inflow Inventory is a useful business software that can help small business owners manage and track of their valuable inventory of products, from procurement to sales. It is a handy inventory management software that helps business owners organize, manage and keep track of their products using a regular PC. Inflow Inventory also supports barcode scanners if small businesses want to integrate the use of barcodes to keep track of inventory. The software is compatible with most barcode scanners available in the market.

Inflow Inventory makes it easy for small businesses to automate some of their most important inventory management tasks. When a certain product is low in the inventory list and require purchasing, pushing the Reorder Stock button will automatically generate a purchase order to allow for the purchase of products that are low in stock. The soft ware also allows users to organize a detailed list of products with all the information needed for them. It can also be used to keep track of inventory movement from different locations. Even taking orders from customers and deducting them from the inventory becomes more efficient and easier to do, with just a click. The software also provides informative graphs that give business owners an idea of their sales, profits and inventory levels for a particular time period. Customizable reports can also be made in order to get detailed information when needed. Inflow Inventory may just be the software that small businesses need in order to make their inventory management process become even more efficient. There is a free edition of the software available which offer limited functions. A Regular Edition comes at US$ 299 per license while the Premium edition of the software will cost business owners US$ 499 per license.

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