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For developers, software engineers and programmers, writing code can be quite simple to do. But editing and checking them for errors can be more of a challenge. That is why there are coding tools available that will make this time consuming task easier to do. There is the Slick Edit 2012 Source Code Editor that will help write and develop lines and lines of code faster and more accurately.

The Slick Edit 2012 Source Code Editor is a powerful text editor that comes with a rich set of tools aimed to help writing code more efficient, faster and accurate. Slick Edit helps coders minimize on errors and also allows them to navigate through the code base faster. It provides users with a means to create custom shortcuts that can be quite a time saver. Code templates, syntax expansion and completion features make it possible to type in less code and make fewer errors in the process.

The Slick Edit 2012 Code Editor supports code in over 40 languages and in 9 platforms. Menus, toolbars, key bindings and mouse operations can be customized to fit the needs of code writers. For programmers and software engineers who need a time saver tool to use for their coding tasks in multiple languages, the Slick Edit 2012 may provide the answer. Interested parties can try it for free for a 15-day trial period. It is also available for purchase at the Slick Edit site for US$ 299.

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