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Many businesses engage in many activities that sometimes can undermine their security. A common activity such as email can have drastic consequences for a company or business handling sensitive information. It requires a higher level of protection to ensure security with the transit of information. Data encryption provides the ideal method for protecting the information going through emails. While it is not always easy for businesses to set up such a facility in their own email system, there are other options available such as what Cipher Post Pro offers.

Cipher Post Pro is a genuine end-to-end email encryption application and service for businesses. It provides a means to protect your emails by encrypting them once they leave your mailbox and on its way to its intended recipient. This platform is based on a provider offering the service to encrypt emails that come and go from within the company. The system works with the encryption provider handling the encryption keys and make sure that the emails are secure.

The system that Cipher Post Pro uses to protect emails leaves the work in the hands of the experts. Using the system requires a high level of trust between the organization and the encryption service provider in Cipher Post Pro. But when this is established, the platform becomes a convenient tool since emails senders themselves are no longer responsible for ensuring the security of the emails they send and receive but put it into the hands of the site administrators who are more knowledgeable in the subject of email protection that the common employee. This will ensure that the level of protection and security is maintained and remain stable and safe.

The Cipher Post Pro system is a subscription platform where organizations pay a monthly fee. For that, users get access to the Cipher Post Pro system where users can send and receive encrypted email messages. Cipher Post Pro can also be integrated into other email clients such as Outlook as well as use the Secure Message Center for sending emails through Webmail. If interested in the service, you can check it out at AppRiver and even experience the service via a free trial offered onsite.
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