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Calendar apps have become quite popular now that most people have their smartphones always in tow. For iPhone and iPad users, there are many calendar iOS apps to choose from. But probably one of the fastest around is the Calvetica Calendar iOS app.

The Calvetica Calendar iOS app is considered the fastest calendar app for iOS devices today. It stands to be a fitting alternative to the native but simple calendar feature of your iPhone or iPad. It provides users with a number of viewing features based on their preference. A weekly, daily and monthly views are available as options. Adding reminders and notes to different dates is as easy as long pressing on a chosen day. People can then easily type a way a note or reminder to help them organize their busy schedules faster and in a more convenient manner. Alerts can be provided by audible sounds that get louder and longer than that of the default apps alert. There is even a Snooze option available if people care to use it. The Calvetica Calendar iOS app is a very useful productivity and time management tool that many iOS device users can take advantage of. It is available at the App Store for a US$ 3 download.

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