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Businesses usually need some good time management in order to become more efficient. Doing so will usually involve using a number of software tools to help people manage not only their time but also the overall business in a more efficient manner. When it comes to scheduling, Chaos Intellect Software may provide the ideal tool to help business people manage their schedules to make better use of their time.

The Chaos Intellect Software is a good combination of a contact manager and an email client to help business people manage and organize their daily schedules more efficiently. One of its more useful features is its ability to organize all the emails and tasks done for each stored contact using the software. Clicking on a contact can bring in all the email messages sent and received where the chosen contact was involved in. Not only that, the software is also able to provide appointments and tasks histories for each of the contacts listed.

Another useful feature for the Chaos Intellect Software is its Redirect option when sending emails. There are many instances where forwarding an email to the rightful person who can address it can lead to confusion as to where the forwarded message should be replied to. Most of the time, the person who forwarded the message also gets the reply instead of the actual recipient. By using the Redirect option, redirecting an email will enable the recipient to reply to the original sender of the email instead of the one who passed it along.

Chaos Intellect also has the ability to import data from other sources to get started. It can directly import data from Outlook as well as download data from text CSV files as well as Excel sheets and Access Databases. Users can also make use of Calendar for reminders and alerts even while the software is not open, thanks to the memory resident alarm system. The software also synchronizes in data with mobile devices, a feature that mobile people would surely appreciate and find useful. Chaos Intellect is a useful scheduling and contact management software designed mainly for small and medium businesses. It is available at the ChaosSoftware.
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