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Traveling can either be a memorable experience or it can be a nightmare, depending on which side of the field you’re on. If you come unprepared for that next trip, then be prepared to experience the latter. But even if you find yourself in that situation, there are tools available like the Hipmunk Flight and Hotel Search iOS app that will help you ease some of the worries of unprepared travel.

The Hipmunk Flight and Hotel iOS app is auseful travel app that provides iDevice users with a way to check out available flights on a visual chart to provide a better idea of the timeline of the flights. The app arranges the flights by using factors such as convenience, flight time and stops instead of just giving users the cheapest flights first.

Not only that, theHipmunk Flight and Hotel Search iOS app also provides hotel information on places where users will be going to. It shows the hotels on the map so that travelers can see where exactly they will be staying. Users can also make use of heatmaps to indicate where are the best areas to stay in a particularlocation based on a user’s interest such as landmarks, nightlife, food and more. The Hipmunk iOS app makes it also easy for users to book flights from a mobile device or email the details to someone else. This useful travel app for the iDevice is available at the App Store for free download.

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