Microsoft Office 2013 Review

Microsoft has long been churning our some of the most popular software products around. Useful productivity software such as Microsoft Office has become the standard over which other similar products care being compared to. And the comparisons are also about to change as the recent Microsoft Office 2013 is taking a different route for a productivity software.

The new Microsoft Office 2013 launched just a couple of days ago comes with a new approach towards function and they way the company will market it. But first let us look into the features that will make Microsoft Office 2013different from its predecessors. The features may be similar to some ways but given a much needed upgrade geared towards compatibility with portable devices.

The first new feature with the new Microsoft Office 2013 is that it is designed primarily with touch screen devices in mind. The usual features are now functional when used with touch screen devices. This is a timely change since even newer laptop and desktop models also feature touch screen displays. It also brings at the forefront the use cloud features along with a more social network-friendly functions.

Another change seen with the Microsoft Office 2013 is that Microsoft is changing the way it is being marketed. The productivity suite is now available for a yearly subscription of US$ 100. In exchange, purchasers may be able to download the software into as many as 5 devices. It also comes bundled with 60 Skype minutes per month as well as 20GB of cloud storage on SkyDrive.

For those who yearn for the old ways, the Microsoft Office 2013 can still be downloaded into a single machine for a one-time fee of US$ 220. But this version does not have the privilege of version updates. The enterprise version will come at a higher price point of US$ 400 with added features targeted for business use and is expected to be available on February 27.

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