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Taking screenshots of websites and other images on the web can be used for several things. People can use screenshots to keep a visual record of what websites they have visited. It also is a good means of sharing something visually interesting online. It can also be used as a means of adding online samples to presentations. In order to do this people need to use a screenshot tool like Greenshot to have a variety of options available.

The Greenshot Screenshot Tool offers users a number of useful options when they wish to capture what they see on the display. It can either capture the whole shot on screen or just a region of it. Hot keys make capturing the screen easier and more convenient. Using the options mean knowing what hot keys to press to capture what is on the screen in a way that the user prefers.

The Greenshot Screenshot Tool is also convenient in that once a screenshot option is used. It does not automatically open the image captured on the software’s image editing tool. It first opens up a menu where users can choose an option- save the captured image, sending it to the printer, copying to a clipboard or opening in Greenshot’s image editor or other programs.

One useful feature that Greenshot’s image editor tool has is the Obfuscate function. It allows certain areas in the captured image to blur or pixelated. This is quite useful for screenshots that might contain personal information such as phone numbers, names, email addresses and the like that. Greenshot also installs easily and does not require a complicated setup. What’s more, Greenshot is open source and is available for free download. You probably cannot get any other useful productivity tool for free like the Greenshot.

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