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Note taking has always been something that most people do at one time or another. They take note of schedules, reminders and deadlines on small pieces of paper that they place in their pockets, only to be forgotten later on. But now, people have wizened up and tried making use of technology for their note taking activities. For iPhone users, the simple note-taking app that comes with it is usually not that useful, especially in tracking the list. A worthy alternative is the Thinglist iOS app.

The Thinglist iOS app is a simple and minimalist note taking program that users may find useful. It still comes with a simple interface but is packed with better features this time. For one, this iOS app allows you to categorize your notes according to what they are about.

Users of the Thinglist iOS app can categorize the notes as people, places, products, restaurants, food, movies, ideas and just about any category they feel most of their notes belong to. One thing that is does so conveniently is to organize your notes before you make them so that it will be easier for you to keep track whenever you need to take a look at them some other time. This avoids going over unorganized notes which can be quite frustrating at times. The Thinglist iOS App is available at the App Store for a $ 2 download.

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