Photo Stories Split Pic Android App

Taking pictures on a mobile device has become quite a common activity. It may have even replaced some digital cameras in other people’s pockets. What makes a mobile device a more preferable device for capturing images is its ability to have app like this Photo Stories Split Pic app for Android.

The Photo Stories Split Pic Android app is an ideal photo app to have on your Android phone. It allows you to give life to your stash of photos after you have taken them. Looking at them after you take them may probably be the first and last thing that you do with those photos. Why not create a story out of them if you have a series of photos that tell of a certain memorable experience? This is where you will find the Photo Stories Split Pic app quite useful.

This Android photo app tool allows you combine different pictures and lets you arrange them into photo strips to tell a story. It is a simple app that lets you be creative with those photos before you share them with friends and family members. The Photo Stories Split Pic Android app is available at Google Play for free download.

Image Source: Google Play
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