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With the number of personal files such us photos, videos and links that an iPad can collect over a period of time, it pays to have a tool that lets you easily make sense of it all. An organizing tool may be great, but having one that lets you organize those photos, videos, texts and links as a presentation and share them is an even better option. One app that can help you do that on an iPad is the Flowboard.

Whether it is an idea, a storey or a presentation that you will want to share, the Flowboard iPad app makes it easier for you. You can start by choosing from a wide range of templates designed for you to create your presentations or photo albums and more. Then you can start building on your presentation by tapping and dragging the files to the canvas to add them. You can also use content found on a variety of cloud sources. You can edit the photos exactly how you want them to appear by pinch, zoom and crop right on the canvas. It is the same with editing the video that you want to show by selecting a few images from the video, just using simple gestures. You can also add in texts or links to them just as easily.

You can then manage the flow of the presentation or the storyboard the way that you want it to be seen without added difficulties. Once finished, you are then given the option to present it right from your iPad or share it to other people by sending the link or by using the convenient Web player. The Flowboard iPad app is a convenient way to easily manage those tons of personal content on your device and make a story or presentation out of it. It is available for free download at the App Store.

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