MindSnacks Kids Vocab iOS App

One way to teach kids without effort is by making it fun. What way to make it fun than by making learning a challenge and a game? This is certainly something that will keep your kids interested trying to learn new things such as building up their vocabulary or honing up their spelling skills. This is what Kids’ Vocab iOS app from MindSnacks aim to do.

The Kids’ Vocab iOS app makes it fun for kids to build their vocabulary with easy to learn yet essential words. It comes with nine unique mini-games that kids can have fun playing again and again and yet continue to build up their knowledge of words in the process. The app contains over 350 essential vocabulary words as well as phrases for kids to memorize, learn to use as well as master.

This special MindShare app also comes with a hand illustrated image library that helps provide kids with a means to understand each word using images. There are 25 lessons available for kids to try designed by educational experts. Additional quests and challenges are also available in order to keep the kids motivated to learn more and more words. The MindShare Kids’ Vocab iOS app is available free to try with one lesson for upload. Access to all 25 lessons is available for a $ 5 download upgrade of the app.

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